What’s New

What’s “Hopefullly” New in 2019(6.1.0)

Finally!!  Work Order will be released in Framework.

What’s New in 2018(6.0.0)

Finally!!  Payroll and Job Cost to the new framework.  This means Payroll and JC available on SQL version.  Many other bells and whistles.  Time Card – to be released in 2nd half of 2018 in framework.   Also for inventory users get 5 handheld licenses to do physical counts.  New KPIs and POS coming.

What’s New in 2017(5.4.0)

The new Launcher is available to non-Sage100c users.

What’s New in 2016.1(5.3.1)

FAS Link is being updated to Framework to bring back support with the Premium Product

What’s New in 2016 (5.3)

• A new user interface is released(it is more updated to todays look and feel of windows products like Microsoft Office/there is a catch though – Sage wants you to move to the subscription model which your product will be labeled as Sage 100c • Payroll and ACA reporting enhancements.

What’s New in 2015 (5.2)

• I think this is one of the most exciting releases – there are over 50 enhancements that make your life easier in Sage 100.  Contact us for details.

What’s New in 2014 (5.1)

• Auto Complete – this is a new awesome time saver • Sage Inventory Advisor(subscription) – Inventory data gets taken to cloud and crunched •Sage Intelligence Improvements making it easier to do financials in Excel

What’s New in 2013 (5.0)

• Global Enhancements• Accounts Payable Enhancements(Expanded AP Invoice Number/View Cleared checks in AP Vendor Inquiry/Inactive Vendors) • Accounts Receivable Enhancements(Inactive Customers • Bank Reconciliation Enhancements • Common Information Enhancements • Credit Card Processing Enhancements(the ability to swipe Credit Cards directly in Sage) • Customer Relationship Management Enhancements(Order entry from CRM) • Inventory Management Enhancements(Quantity Grid moved back to Main Screen) • Paperless Office Enhancements • Sales Order Enhancements • Visual Process Flows • 64 ODBC Driver


What’s New in 4.5

SQL – in some scenarios we can move your data to a SQL server.

National Accounts

Integration with Sales Order and Job Cost.

Whats New in version 4.4

Expanded fields

Customer and Item Numbers can be expanded in 4.4, with 20 alphanumeric characters available to be used for Customer numbers, and 30 for Item Numbers. These new character field lengths allow you to add specific information to improve your workflow and enhance business processes. Identify the customer you want easier using up to 20 characters by using full company names, or adding coded or themed information, which assists in easy identification for multiple accounts of the same or similar names, and more. Using 30 character item numbers improves productivity and business workflow with smart part numbers, such as a UPC, recycling codes, a vendor number, special handling requirements information, and more.

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In 4.4, Custom Office enhancements allow you to program events to run with or without user interaction (clicking a button), in addition to the ability to add user-defined fields and additional buttons. Customizations done using Custom Office now survive upgrades throughout most of your system, including those in Inventory Management, Purchase Order, Bill of Materials, and Bar Code. For example, you can add expiration dates or other attributes for lot and serial items, and that information flows through the system. Another example for customizations using standard scripting is Sales Oder Entry expiration dates can automatically change if Quote is chosen as the Order type.

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Inventory Counts

Save valuable time and streamline the workflow of your physical count. Be assured of accuracy, by printing the system Quantity On Hand directly on the physical count worksheet, arranged in the order you desire. Your warehouse manager is aware of the expected count, as they supervise the item count. Then, to further streamline the process, the expected quantity can be set as the default, so only your changes require an entry.

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Enhanced Bill of Materials Features

Get a more comprehensive and personalized view of information using fewer keystrokes. See the entire bill or its individual components and their relationship at a glance. View Where Used information, and see all components used in the current revision or for all revisions by drilling directly into Item of Bill of Material Maintenance. From within an inquiry screen, you can see everything related to the bill – its subassemblies or its components – without having to use more than one window, saving time and streamlining the workflow. Increase the accuracy and enhance your workflow with the ability to print comments and miscellaneous charges on your Picking Sheets.

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